Restart Service & System Development a Service! Too many times, IT is thought of as a necessary evil. Those looking to be serviced or provide the service have attitudes that support this.

At Restart, our concept of IT support is to provide the right answers to the problems that plague your ability to get things done. That means serving a request for a client that can't print with the same demeanor for a client that has a PC failure. Once a need is recognized, it's our duty to find the solution to the problem. It's that simple!

Expect More

With graduates from Carnegie Mellon, and other 4 year academic institutions, you are assured to receive quality, "smart" service from our support teams.

Not Just a Technology Company

IT wisdom is a critical part of our service team's asset list, but we also pride ourselves on providing a level of service that is efficient, friendly, and convenient for you.

Development as a Tool

We are not just a service provider. Since 1996, Restart has partnered with some of the areas largest organizations to develop content delivery systems that engage, interact with, and immerse the audience in way that is unique to our systems. Because we support the systems we design, you can be assured of their dependability and longevity.

Business Woman

We Provide

A complete support service for your Information System's requirements including onsite support, remote monitoring, and planning!

  • Server Support, Maintenance, Monitoring
  • Desktop Support
  • Smart Device Support
  • WIFI and Access Point Services
  • Network Integration and Efficiency
  • Firewall, Anti-Virus, and Internet Security Services