Kiosk Support

The main purpose of a kiosk is to supply information to the customer in the simplest way possible. Say you have a customer walk past your kiosk but it's offline. They might come back in a little bit, but if it is still offline, then you just lost a customer. What are you supposed to do now?

You need an IT Support Service who will move fast, knows what they're doing, and takes pride in their work.

When choosing a kiosk system, it is crucial to have onsite service readily available. If you ever have a part that needs replaced, we will have a field technician on their way with a replacement part for your kiosk.

Not only should you have access to onsite support, but also remote support. Remote support gives us the ability to login to your kiosk away from your site location for repairs and updates.

Remote Service

  • Monitoring and Repairs
  • System and Programming Updates
  • Training for Client's Employees
  • Automated System Recovery and Restart

Onsite Service

  • Cabinet Cleaning and Inspection for Damage
  • Paper Replacement
  • Printer Supply Replacement
  • 3D Printer Supply Replacement
  • Screen Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Onsite Training for your Client's Employees
  • Kiosk Program Testing and Run-Throughs with Documented Results