8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Website by Now


It's all about digital right now. Maximize your customer reach with your own business website.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Website by Now - person on a company website

Just like having an address, email, and phone number is important for your business so is having a website. We live in a digital world where the majority of customers are searching and buying online. If you own or operate a business that doesn’t have a website, you are doing yourself a disservice. Here are 8 reasons why having a website will benefit your business and make you wish you had built one sooner.

#1 - 24/7 Availability

Having a website allows your customers to find you and reach out to you, even outside of your business hours. They don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own home if they would like access to more information.

#2 - Information Accessibility

Websites can provide a plethora of information about your business easily to your customers. Go into detail about your products and services, or provide a face to the name and introduce your staff so customers get that personal touch.

#3 - Build Your Credibility

It really says something to potential customers when they can find you online. People tend to be distrusting of a business when they can’t find any information on them i.e. an address, phone, email and even a website. By having a website for your business you are building your credibility and showing your customers you are there for them.

#4 - Expand Your Market

By having a website, you are allowing your business to be accessible all around the world. Anyone now has access to your products/services and geographical barriers can’t get in the way of that.

#5 - Customer Insights

Analytic tools for websites can give you insights to your customers. They offer diverse data that can help you to better understand what is and is not working when marketing your business.

#6 - Beat Out Your Competition

This might sound like we’re repeating ourselves but when you have a website, you are going to be able to beat out your competition because you are no longer limited to just a brick and mortar store with open and closing hours. Websites can be accessed 24/7 and globally so you are giving yourself the best chance to potential gain massive amounts of clients.

#7 - Customer Service

We all know that word of mouth can be the best advertisement for your business. But it can also be your downfall. With a website, you have the opportunity to make sure your customer relations run strong. Include an FAQ section on your site or implement a customer feedback form as well to let them know that you are listening and doing all you can to make sure they have the best experiences.

#8 - Opportunity for Growth

Overall a website is a great way to showcase your business. Potential investors can be referred there and see what your company is all about, what you have accomplished, and what you hope to accomplish.

Don’t try to roll the dice in hopes that potential customers will just happen upon your business, take the initiative and get a website! You’ll give yourself the best chances possible because you are putting your business online in a world where a majority of our lives are spent.