The Importance of Whitespace


Utilizing the whitespace in your design can help you effectively communicate your message to your customers.

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The Importance of Whitespace

White space: Designers crave it, business owners want to fill it. Why can’t we get on the same page? Have you ever looked a website and there is so much stuff going on it’s like your eyes can’t focus? It is easy to become overwhelmed when your eyes don’t have a spot to rest.

White space is perhaps the most overlooked and infrequently used element when it comes to website design. It is often seen as empty space and a waste of real estate. But the truth is far from it. White space is one of the most valuable aspects to your design.

So what makes it so great?

Well, when it is used correctly, white space can transform a design. It can increase the legibility of your site, create a sense of balance and act as a separation between sections, all while promoting more interaction from your visitors.

Increase Your Content Legibility

Using white space in your website design will help to increase the legibility of your content. Leading, or the spacing between lines of text, makes it easier for the eye to follow when reading. When it is easier to read, it is easier for your message to get across.

Create a Balanced Scene

Like we mentioned before, websites that are full of text and images can get super overwhelming for visitors. Balance your website out by adding in some white space. It will help to create areas of rest which will in turn keep your visitors interested in your site as opposed to leaving at the first sign of chaos.

Separate Sections and Give Direction

White space is the end all be all when it comes to separating out sections. It keeps unrelated elements apart and directs your viewers to what your most important content is. White space acts as a guide throughout your website and paves the way for clear communication.

Promote User Interaction

The main goal of a website is to increase business sales. It might not seem like much but white space actually helps with conversion rates. It’s like your subconscious, it’s always there, but you don’t realize it. When a user comes to your website and they are confronted by a mess of information at the forefront, it an scare them off and cause them to leave as fast as they got there. White space allows the user to go through the information at their own pace and when they aren’t pressured, they usually are more inclined to buy from you.

So you see, not only does white space create harmony and balance to a brand, it can also make reading your information a lot easier and assist in increasing your conversion rates. It often gets looked over as “blank” space but white space is so much more than that. It’s an element that helps to organize and form layouts. Don’t overcrowd your website with text and images; instead deliver a clear message with the help of white space.