Cyber Security & Internet Scam Support

Have you clicked on a link that you suspect is fraudulent? Did a stranger get access your computer? Did you respond to an email that you think is phishing or suspicious?

If you have any concerns that you have been illegally contacted, get a hold of our Cyber Security Support team.

What to do

• Immediately shut down your PC or disconnect it from the Internet.
• Contact our Cyber Security team at or 1-888-335-2326.

What we can do

Once we receive your PC from you, we immediately begin to mitigate any threat to your privacy.

• We will scan your PC to be sure there are no malware infections
• We will work with your bank to secure your accounts
• If needed, we will back up your data and rebuild your computer for a fresh reset
• If your computer is more than 5 years old, we can provide you an option to trade in your current computer for an upgraded replacement.

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